Kendall and Kylie Jenner Respond to Kris and Bruce’s Divorce

Kris Talks Bruce
The momager talks life after her split with Bruce Jenner.
From strutting down the runway to starting a music career, it may look like Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are on top of the world right now… But not everything is as it seems.

While they’re both living crazy busy lives, it’s hard for any teen–celebrity or not–to ignore family problems… Especially when those problems result in parents getting divorced.

News broke yesterday that Kris Jenner officially filed for divorce after almost a year of being separated from her estranged husband Bruce Jenner, and today the Olympian responded with an almost identical filing (according to E! News).

The former couple say they will always remain good friends, but despite how amicable the divorce may be, it seems like the reality of the split is just settling in on their daughters.

Kylie took to Instagram last night to share this cryptic message with the caption, “emptiness we created,” which could likely refer to her parents “disconnect” (as the quote describes) that eventually led to their divorce.

Meanwhile, Kendall showed her sadness in her own way:

The 18-year-old shared a throwback photo of her parents with a heart as the caption, obviously reminiscing back to happier days.

Meanwhile, despite the divorce, Kris appears to be doing just fine, taking to social media to announce her excitement for Paris Fashion Week where she will likely meet up with Kendall.

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