Azealia Banks, Your Favorite Rapper Without an Album, Is Back With a New Song

Gaga Beef
Azealia continues her feud with onetime friend, Lady Gaga.
Think back nearly three (!!!) years to the release of “212,” Azealia Banks’ much-beloved debut single. It was a time of excitement and promise. Unfortunately, none of that came to fruition. Cut back to the present, and let us sorely remind you that Banks has still not released her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. What do we have to show for the last three years, aside from Twitter beef, mixtapes, and label drama? Not much. Until now.

Banks just dropped a new song, “Chasing Time,” and while it’s not as fresh and exciting as “212” or even “Jumanji,” it is what some might call “a bop.” Listen below.

With “Chasing Time,” Banks continues to explore ’90s-influenced house music, which featured prominently on her 1991 and Fantasea mixtapes. She also sings, rather than raps, the majority of the song. It’s all a bit dated, but you know what? It’s pretty catchy.

Banks also released “Heavy Metal and Reflective” earlier this year. Watch the video below.

Could Broke With Expensive Taste finally be on its way? Only time — hopefully not three years’ worth — will tell.