Rihanna Is, Once Again, Topless in Two New ‘Lui’ Magazine Outtakes

Rih's 'Lui' Shoot
Bad Gal gets pretty much naked for her iconic magazine spread.
Rihanna? Topless? Why, I never!

Two new photos of Bad Gal without her top on have surfaced, though not, fortunately, as part of massive leak of celebrity nudes.

The two photos are outtakes from Rihanna’s Lui Magazine spread, which hit stands earlier this year. Above, as you can see, Rihanna is considering having a swim. Eventually, Rihanna said “Yes!” to swimming, and this is the aftermath:

Drying off certainly is an effort, even when you’re Rihanna.

The Lui spread caused quite a stir earlier this year, both as it was being shot and upon its publication. You can see why, even from the outtakes.


What do you think of Rihanna’s Lui spread and its outtakes? Sexy? Not sexy? Do you feel the urge to go for a swim?

Photos: Lui Magazine