Steve-O Challenges Nude Photo Hackers For a Good LOL

Kim Kardashian is among second wave of hacking victims
Okay, okay.  I know… The leaked celebrity nudes are a breach of privacy and definitely not something to joke around about.  But sometimes a bit of laughter can make a rough situation at least a little more bearable.

Enter Steve-O for some comedic relief!

The Jackass jokester took to Twitter today to challenge the infamous hackers (wherever they are) to come after his own goodies, making things easy for them by posting a few of his own nudes.

He added:


Now I know there’s definitely going to be some outrage over Steve-O taking lightly to this very concerning situation… But if you think about it, he’s definitely taking some of the attention off the actual nude photos and purposefully putting it on himself.

Over the weekend, several more celebrities got hacked–including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard and Jenny McCarthy–adding to the list of over 100 celeb victims.