Who Wore The Bushy Beard Better: Leonardo DiCaprio or Liam Hemsworth?

Leo's Dance Moves
Watch Leonardo DiCaprio awkwardly dance to MGMT.
I guess it is that time of year to grow a full beard, because that is just what actor’s Liam Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio have done.

Liam was spotted yesterday (September 22, 2014) out and about in Greenwood, Mississippi, who is in town filming the crime drama By Way of Helena, a film about a Texas Ranger who is investigating a series of unexplained deaths in a town called Helena.

The bearded Hunger Games star carried a small green tote bag as he made his way to his car, and was later seen stopping at a gas station to pick up bottled water.

While Leonardo tried to go incognito while walking around NYC with a group of friends. He was very casually dressed, wearing a graphic hoodie with a wolf on it, loose jeans, blue canvas shoes, and a grey newsboy cap. Sadly, he did not show off his rapping skills during the outing.

Leo has also just joined Instagram, and his first post, was of course, all about the environment.

Photo caption: “Today, I have the privilege to speak at the United Nations #Climate2014 Summit where world leaders are expected to announce the bold steps they will take to tackle climate change. Thank you Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.”

I’m guessing that Leo probably won’t be posting too many selfies to his Instagram account.

So who do you think wears the bushy beard better, Leo or Liam? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and launch the gallery above to get a better look at their beards.