The Awkward Life of Britney Spears

Will Britney Spears ever seem comfortable in her own skin? How about comfortable while standing next to the skin of lingerie-clad models? Or will it always just be awkward? Is it so awkward that you now feel awkward? Should we take our minds off of this awkward moment by moving on to today’s decidedly not awkward winning captions?

“I’m wearing way too much clothes ya’all” – Lucie

“Please don’t touch me, please don’t touch me, please don’t touch me” – Tanya

“Did I just touch her beaver?” – Bek

“Y’all did say y’all were going to Photoshop this first right? Just making sure so I can take a breath now!” – Julie

“Mannequins scare me!” – Julie

“This is a first, I have on the most clothing ….” – Gary

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