Justin Bieber Has a ‘Busted’ Eardrum From Cliff Diving, Tweets He Might Need Surgery

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Cody Simpson talks Justin Bieber dream collaboration.
Justin Bieber might need surgery!

The 20-year-old singer just tweeted that he has a “busted” eardrum from cliff diving. Yikes! Justin went on to say that he could be getting surgery for the injury. Read on to find out more details!

Justin’s injury might cause him more than just pain! He tweeted that the eardrum might cause a delay in his upcoming music! Check out Justin’s tweets below!




Justin’s been working on new music with singer Cody Simpson! Let’s hope he has a quick recovery and then he can get back to making music! Poor Justin, maybe his girlfriend, the gorgeous Selena Gomez will help him get better!

P.S. if you’re not familiar with cliff diving check out THIS VIDEO!

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