New 1D Autobiography: Zayn Malik Talks About That One Time Russell Brand Gave Him Birth Control Advice

1D on Sesame Street
Harry Styles and Liam Payne do the ABCs. Sort of.
Oh, to be in One Direction: selling millions of albums, performing sold-out arena shows and best of all, receiving birth control advice from Russell Brand.

According to 1D’s upcoming autobiography Where We Are, that is in fact part of the job – for one member, at least.

In the first “100% official” autobiography, Zayn Malik (tied with Harry Styles as the 100% official heartthrob of 1D), was given an awkward talk by Russell Brand following their performance at the 2012 Olympics.

“Backstage at the Olympics was one of the maddest times I’ve had with the band,” Zayn writes. Madder still was his interaction with the controversial British comedian:

Russell was brilliant. He was saying, ‘Your performance was sick.’ Then he started giving me family planning advice! I was like, ‘Russell, you shouldn’t be giving me that sort of advice!’ He was hilarious, a really nice guy.

Hey, nothing wrong with a little reminder to play it safe! After all, since that encounter, Zayne has gotten engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards – although she does claim that “There’s no sexy time” while she’s on tour.

Another revelation from the autobiography is that Harry used to suffer from confidence issues and anxiety about performing. After facing criticism for one of the band’s TV performances, Harry writes, “I’m naturally a fairly confident person in most situations, but not all. At that point, any natural confidence I had was being taken over by nerves because back then I had no idea how to channel and control my anxiety.”

But thanks to a heavy performance schedule, Harry has learned to master the stage: “One Direction have always been a band that gigs heavily, so over time I’ve been able to learn about nerves, to understand why and when they might hit and, best of all, how to control them.”

I’d say that if you’re pulling down your pants on stage to casually reveal a new thigh tattoo, your confidence is back for good, Harry. Well done.