Second Intruder in Keanu Reeves’ Home, This Time They Were Naked

Keanu Reeves better rethink his current home security set up, because whatever his set up is, it definitely is not working for him.

The 50-year-old actor was not present in his home for the most recent break in, when a woman entered the property through an unlocked gate, which a cleaning crew had reportedly forgotten to close.

The woman allegedly stripped off, got in his shower, and then swam naked in his pool.

Members of a cleaning crew working at the property grew suspicious and called Reeves, who ordered them to contact cops. Officers attended the scene and placed the woman under psychiatric hold.

The day before, the Speed actor was asleep when he heard noises from his library and found a woman, in her mid forties, sitting in a room at the property. She was also placed under psychiatric observation.