Watch: Chris Pratt’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos Are Just Adorable, Naturally

Pratt's Pitch
Chris Pratt is good at many things. Except baseball.
Chris Pratt is kicking off the 40th season of Saturday Night Live this weekend as host and lucky for us, NBC has made a nearly 7-minute long promo for the whole thing.

After watching it, I can safely conclude the following:

  1. Kate McKinnon is the luckiest girl in the world, right after Anna Faris
  2. A sitcom starring Chris Pratt and a bunch of jars that need to be opened would do extremely well
  3. NBC made a huge mistake in making this promo as long as it is — more Chris Pratt is never a bad thing
  4. Chris Pratt can wear a paper bag and still melt an entire village
  5. Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader and Jimmy Carrey will have big shoes to fill when they play host this season

SNL season 40 premieres this Saturday, with musical guest Ariana Grande.

Watch Chris Pratt do his thing, above.