The Divorce Gets Uglier: Amber Rose Thinks Wiz Khalifa is a Serial Cheater

Tom Hanks & Wiz Khalifa
The duo create the perfect Christmas card.
It appears that in the case of Amber Rose versus Wiz Khalifa, “irreconcilable differences” means “a whole lot of cheating and finger pointing.”

TMZ reports that Amber has filed for divorce due to her husband’s extreme two-timing ways. This news comes amidst rumors of an affair between Amber and her new manager Nick Cannon, which Nick has already denied.

Sources claim that the model has been suspicious of her husband since July, when he embarked on his Under the Influence tour. Friends say that when Amber wanted to join him on the road, Wiz consistently shot her down by using their one-year-old son Sebastian as an excuse.

The alleged logic at play here is that the rapper needed to be left alone as the sole moneymaker, while Amber needed to stay inside and play housewife. Yikes, Wiz. If this is true, then I’d like to direct you towards a little video that might change your mind.