Did Drake Get an Emoji Tattoo?!

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With people naming their kids “Hashtag” these days, it’s only a matter of time things like emojis permanently become part of our daily existence. Enter Drake’s alleged new tattoo.

If what Shamrock Social Club tattoo artist Doctor Woo posting on Instagram is true, then the rapper has really gotten himself inked with the hotly-debated praying hands (or high-fiving hands, depending how you look at it) on his forearm.

Woo tags Drake in the photo the supposed tat, writing in the caption, “@champagnepapi good times, thanks for the visit #jimjoe6 #wordsofwisdom #shamrocksocialclub.”

The emoji design sits just right beside a “6” and “Everything happens for a reason sweet thing” — two tattoos that have neither been seen on Drake until now.

Drake has reportedly left — then quickly deleted — a comment to the photo, reading, “It will be a debate until the end of time… high five or praying hands… life is what you make of it haaa.”

“I pity the fool who high fives in 2014,” he adds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is all like:
emoji gif

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