Justin Timberlake Vs. Kim Kardashian: Whose Koala Pic is Cuter?

Stars & Their Pets
Celebrities love their furry friends too!
There’s only one thing that matters today (other than Fergie’s baby boy in a Wu Tang shirt), and it’s the fact that Justin Timberlake cuddled a koala.

The 33-year-old singer is currently in Australia and decided to visit the famous Australia Zoo to say hello to some of its adorable animals and, of course, grab a few snaps to send the world into a frenzy of awwwwww’ing (and secretly wishing we were koala bears, too).

But his cute koala pic definitely stirs up some competition… With Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this month, Mrs. West also posed in a precious photo with the same koala bear at the same zoo… And Kim (being Kim) even managed to sneak in a selfie with her new pal.

Now, not everything is a competition, but in this case we have two incredibly famous people in two incredibly cute photos with the same adorable little koala… So let’s make it a competition, eh?

Who do you think has the cuter koala photos? JT or Kim K?  Vote Below!

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