Kim Kardashian Reveals Why North West Attended the Balenciaga Show, Wears Questionable Dress to Balmain Show

North West Photos
Baby photos of Kim Kardashian's adorable daughter!
Sometimes just being a kid leads to some amazing experiences.

You don’t see too many 15-month-old children in the front row at Paris Fashion Shows, but North West managed to land herself a spot at yesterday’s (September 24, 2014) Balenciaga show in Paris.

So how did North end up getting that prime spot?

Kim Kardashian, told Yahoo Style that, “she started to cry when we were walking out the door, and we couldn’t leave her. So, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But it was an amazing fashion show for her to be at for her first show.”

I’m going to have to try that myself sometime and see if it works.

Today is another day, and there are more fashion shows to attend, and that’s exactly what Kim and Kanye West did.

The couple (with Kim wearing a white slim fitting dress and lace up white high heels) were spotted leaving their hotel in Paris today and on their way to the Balmain Paris Fashion Week show. In case you missed it, Kim was tackled as she arrived at the show.