EXCLUSIVE: Matt McGorry is The Nicest Person Ever But He Also Could be a Murderer

If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black, you’ve fallen in love with Matt McGorry.

His adorably awkward character John Bennett isn’t far off from who is in real life: both incredibly endearing, hard working and empathetic.

So when he got cast as a cocky, self-centered law student on How to Get Away With Murder, there’s no doubt some eyebrows raised.

However, despite playing a character completely different from himself and his first major role on OITNB, he feels confident in his ability to take on Asher Millstone.

“I think that every person and every actor has different characteristics in them and different traits that allow them to really play anything, as long as the actor is capable of turning them up and down at different levels,” he explained to me when I asked about how he prepared for this new role.

It might also help that the whole lawyer gene runs in his blood.  “My dad has a law degree,” he said. “So he sometimes provides as a valuable resource for me.”

He’s even thought about a few laws he’d put in order if he had the power to do so.

“I think a certain base level of niceness and compassion for other humans should be made a law,” he expressed.  “But then I realized it sort of sounds a bit totalitarian and probably not the best thing for just the sake of society as a whole… But you know, if i could wave my magic legal wand and make people want to be nice I think that would be the real goal, not to reinforce it.”

But don’t let all the sweetness fool you.

When I asked him if he’s thought about how he’d get away with murder himself, he confessed, “I have actually… It involves a lot of bags of lye.”

And in case you didn’t think that was creepy enough, he’s also thought of how he’d seriously get away with it, like, forever.

“I’d hope to amass enough wealth to live a good amount of time elsewhere or my whole life, if we’re completely indulging for the sake of fantasy,” he said with a laugh, adding, “It’d be like, after murdering somebody,  a nice way of giving yourself a little vacation… For the rest of your life.”

However, luckily for Matt (and for all of us), there will be no need for him to get into the murdering business as he’s already created a hugely successful acting career.

You can watch him on his new leading role during the premiere of How to Get Away With Murder tonight at 10/9c on ABC!