Shirtless David Beckham Talks “Nerve-Wracking” Modeling Experiences

Becks' Shirtless Moments
David Beckham shows off his buff bod.
Becks Immortalized
David Beckham unveils underwear-clad statue for H&M.
You’d think after all these years, David Beckham would be comfortable with the idea of stripping down. Well, apparently not.

In the latest issue of Another Man magazine, the retired soccer star opens up about all those underwear shoots he’s been doing, telling the publication that he still gets nervous about taking off his clothes.

“It’s totally nerve-wracking. Not wearing clothes is one way to be really self-conscious,” he says. “Obviously, you have to play a certain way in different shoots, but I just try to be as natural as possible. For a start I’m not a model so I don’t try to be a model. I just try to be myself and hope that works.”

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[Another Man/Collier Schorr]

In fact, Beckham, 39, admits he’s not even comfortable free-balling it these days.

“Being in the bodywear business, no, I don’t think it’s appropriate [to go commando]. But I can see its advantages,” the dad-of-four says. “I haven’t done it for a number of years because, as I said, I am in the bodywear business and I get free underwear, which is very good and very comfortable and very well-priced!”

So, what is Becks’ underwear preference then? Find out in the video below!