Stephen Amell Says F**k Cancer and Films ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ Crossover Episode

Amell's Workout
See how the 'Arrow' star got his incredible bod.
Stephen Amell is one busy man, but not busy enough to help promote a charity in which he is very passionate about.

F— Cancer is the charity he’s supporting, and it’s a cause very close to his heart. “My mom was going through chemotherapy in April of 2012 and she and I just took a photo outside of a bar in Toronto when I was visiting,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was just giving the middle finger to the camera — representing f— cancer. At the time, I didn’t know there was a charity called F— Cancer. They got in touch via Twitter and we’ve been working together ever since.”

The campaign has been wildly successful, with more than $120,000 in donations and 6,700 shirts sold so far.

Click here to donate to Amell’s campaign.

Back in July, it was announced that Arrow and The Flash film a two part crossover, which will take place during the eighth episode of The Flash and the eighth episode of Arrow’s season three. Well, filming is now underway for those episodes.

Stephen teased the episode with a photo and tweet.


Launch the gallery above to see more pics from the crossover episode filming on September 24, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada.