Taylor Swift Wears ‘No It’s Becky’ Tumblr Shirt, Fans Go Crazy

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Taylor Swift always gets the last laugh.

Fans are going crazy after Taylor wore a Tumblr-inspired T-shirt last night. Taylor recently took over her Tumblr page and she’s been learning how to work the site. Now that she’s a professional Tumblr-user, she’s getting in on all of the meme fun! Read on to get the entire story!

A photo was recently posted on Tumblr of a girl named “Becky” who apparently died after “snorting marijuana.” But, the girl in the picture is actually Taylor Swift. When someone wrote that the girl in the photo was Taylor, the poster replied, “no its becky.” This interaction has now become a meme!

Taylor Swift

This meme became so popular that Taylor herself saw it while on Tumblr! She liked the post and then decided to create a shirt with the saying on it!

Taylor posted her own photo to Tumblr with the shirt on. She captioned the photo, “I’m kind of rethinking the album cover.” LOL. We still think 1989 is a great title!

Taylor Swift

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