Watch Hilary Duff Get Down in Booty Shorts for ‘All About You’ Music Video

Hilary Duff Splits
Hilary Duff separates from husband Mike Comrie.
Wait, is that Hilary Duffdancing? To choreography? In a studio filled with other dancers??

Like mankind taking its first steps on the moon, Hilary Duff has bravely navigated what could be the final frontier in her musical career: dancing.

In her new music video for country-tinged single “All About You,” the 26-year-old steps out of her comfort zone and sways into the studio for a hip-shaking, booty-popping good time.

“I wanted something different about it that was more me,” Hilary said of her new moves. “The choreographers were amazing and came up with a cool line dance.”

“The choreography was actually pretty easy, but it was a lot of rehearsals and I wanted to be so particular because I’m not, like, a dancer and I didn’t want to be, like, super-sexy time dancing.”

On a scale of “totally frigid” to “super-sexy time,” I’d say the simple choreography here lands itself a comfortable spot towards the latter. After all, the “super-sexy time dancing” base is quite thoroughly covered.

Watch the entire “All About You” music video above, and let us know what you think in the comments below!