Watch: Pee Wee Football Team Attempts to Run Through Banner, Fails Horribly

Eli and Peyton Rap
Yep, the Manning brothers are back with another football commercial.
They don’t call it pee wee for nothing.

Earlier this week, the Wallkill Mighty Mites from Orange County, N.Y. had a home game and like any other football game in America, did the whole running-through-the-banner tradition.

Unfortunately for these little tykes, the entrance didn’t go as planned.

According to James Cracolici, who posted the video on YouTube, the banner was actually made out of vinyl.

“[It] is actually two pieces held together by Velcro. What you can’t see is the sign is backwards with the writing facing us on the field. Guess it’s not made to break that way,” he wrote in the video description.

Whatever the makeup of the banner or orientation of Velcro, let’s hope everyone escaped injury free and played a safe game of football following this mishap.

(Spoiler alert: the Mighty Mites won 24-0).

Watch the video, below.

There’s a “Chariots of Fire” version too, because the internet is a strange and wonderful place.

[h/t New York Daily News]