10 Things You Didn’t Know About Miles Teller

Miles Teller is taking the acting world by storm! After making his big-screen debut in 2010’s Rabbit Hole, starring A-lister Nicole Kidman, Miles’ career took off. He’s already starred in numerous movies this year, and he has a bunch more on the way!

The 27-year-old actor’s new movie, Two Night Stand, is set to hit theaters today. But, before you go and see this film, we think you should get to know this amazing actor a little bit better. Check out our gallery to see 10 things you didn’t know about Miles Teller!

If you’re not familiar with the name Miles Teller, chances are that’s going to change in the upcoming months. He’s already solidified his contribution to big blockbuster films such as Divergent, where he played the villain Peter, alongside his good friend, Shailene Woodley. We loved his quick-witted responses in That Awkward Moment, but now he’s got a new romantic comedy, Two Night Stand, that everyone needs to see!

Can you imagine yourself being snowed-in to an apartment and stuck with your one-night stand? Luckily, you don’t have to! But, that’s what happens to Miles’ character in Two Night Stand! Be sure to check out Miles in his new flick about modern dating gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Before you head to the theaters though, we did a little research to dig up ten facts you should know about Miles! After feasting your eyes on the gallery, comment below on which facts shock you the most!

Plus, make sure you go and see Two Night Stand, in theaters today! Check out a trailer for the movie HERE!