Ariana Grande’s Former Life Coach Might Be the One Spreading Diva Rumors About Her

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Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer – but keep the media closest.

This might be the personal mantra for both Ariana Grande and her former life coach, Isaac Calpito.

The pop star’s team is fighting back against unending diva rumors by claiming that Isaac is the one behind them.

Sources close to the pop starlet are on a mission to take Isaac down by sending a list of bullet points to the media. They claim that not only is he spinning lies about Ariana’s attitude, but that Isaac Calpito was also suspended from his position as life coach.

Ariana’s team cites “numerous complaints by many women working around (Grande’s) team for inappropriate behavior.” Their story is that the “Problem” singer’s former best friend and choreographer was actually suspended and put under a “lengthy investigation,” after which he quit.

As we reported this Monday, Isaac had one less problem after walking out on his job this past summer. Although rumors swirled that Calpito had quit due to Ariana’s unbearable attitude, it looks like there’s some shady business being conducted on both ends.

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