Does Britney Spears Even Sing on Her Own Albums?

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Spears was caught lip syncing to Sia's vocals earlier.
Britney Spears — Queen of Lingerie, Art Films, Instagram, Heartbreak, and, occasionally, Pop — is no stranger to criticisms made about her questionable vocal skills, but this latest claim takes the proverbial cake.

Spears was allegedly indeed “not alone” on the studio-recorded version of a song from her critically- and commercially-disappointing album, Britney Jean.

Breathe Heavy, the biggest Spears fan site, reports that Myah Marie, one of Spears’ backup singers, was actually the one singing on Britney Jean‘s first track, “Alien.” They claim to have unearthed the “Alien” stems, which feature Marie’s vocals, and her Spears impression is absolutely uncanny. You can listen to the stem here, or via the embed below. (They appear to feature the same audio track.)

If you’re familiar with “Alien,” you will note that these vocals sound quite similar to the final version that appeared on Britney Jean. This begs the question: did Spears even bother to sing on the song that bares her name?

Believe it or not, this exact issue has come up before. In 2013, Marie denied reports that her own vocals were subbed in for Spears’ when “Passenger,” another Britney Jean track, was released ahead of the album.

Additionally, earlier this year, Spears was caught lip syncing to Sia‘s vocals during a performance of “Perfume.”

Let us not forget that humiliating leak of her not-quite-on-pitch “warm up” vocals for “Alien.” Producer William Orbitcame to Spears’ defense, but, unfortunately, a pattern appears to be emerging.

It’s no secret that Spears rarely, if ever, sings live — and she’s not the only pop star guilty of this; you try singing while dancing! — but not singing on your own albums? That’s some Milli Vanilli-level nonsense.