Gwyneth Paltrow Has Chris Martin’s Name Monogrammed On Her Underwear

Controlling Gwyneth?
Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly controls Chris Martin's dating schedule.
Chris Sings for Jen
Chris Martin serenades Jennifer Lawrence.
Gwyneth Paltrow either has an obsession with Chris Martin’s last name or she’s throwing some seriously expensive shade at Jennifer Lawrence. Regardless, an absolutely frivolous and pricey product is involved.

In Paltrow’s latest Goop newsletter, the actress teams up with Cheek Frill to hawk overly-priced monogrammed underwear — they’re going three pairs for $75, if you’re interested — to the bourgeois masses. The problem besides the insane price tag? The model pictured on the product page is wearing skivvies stitched with “GKPM,” which stands for Gwyneth Kate Paltrow Martin.

gwyneth paltrow chris martin underwear goop monogram

Though Paltrow has made it clear that she’s (kind of) fine with her ex moving on and dating a much younger Oscar winner, her latest moves has everyone raising their eyebrows. I mean, why would you have the name of someone you’ve consciously uncoupled with monogrammed on something so close to your butt crack?

Recent reports allege that Paltrow, 41, is “stunned” that Martin, 37, has suggested that their two children meet his new 24-year-old girlfriend just after two months of dating. One source says that “this has been a huge blow to Gwyn’s ego because she has always bragged that she has Chris wrapped around her finger.”

Finger? No. Ass? Most definitely.