Here Is a Reminder That Lady Gaga Can Sing, Like, Really Well

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Gaga + Tony
Gaga and Tony talk about their new album.
Over the last six years, Lady Gaga has made a name for herself by releasing epic (occasionally autotuned) pop songs and dressing so provocatively that her outfits sometimes overshadowed her music. While many people have been able to look past the Gaga “shtick” to see that she is, at her core, a talented musician, others may still find it surprising that Gaga can sing. Like, really, really sing.

If you don’t believe it, this video of her performing “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” will change your mind.

Gaga and Tony Bennett just released an an album of jazz standards called Cheek to Cheek. The audio of this performance is featured as a bonus track on the iTunes edition of the album.

The video is taken from an upcoming PBS special, which will feature Gaga and Bennett performing selections from their album. It airs October 24.

So while you may not care for the meat dresses and vomit performances, you might just find yourself enjoying Gaga’s voice.

Cheek to Cheek is out now on Columbia records.