Mary-Kate and Olivier’s Enormous $13.5 Million Love Nest Looks Like a Haunted Museum

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Mary-Kate Olsen and fiancé Olivier Sarkozy just bought a gigantic $13.5 million townhouse in New York, and it’s equipped with everything they’ll ever need (and more). The only downside?

The space is – to phrase it delicately – super old and creepy, and looks like it smells relentlessly of moldy wood. Okay, sorry, I tried.

Curbed has photos of the rare home, and I think the appropriate description, in real estate speak, is that it possesses an “ancient charm.”

By that I mean there’s stained, visibly aged wood; ceilings embossed with French phrases; and patina overtaking the hallway. Essentially, it feels like the final resting place of taxidermy grizzly bears, but nothing like a Hollywood couple’s first home.

Which is exactly what we’d expect from Mary-Kate anyway.

In addition to an overwhelmingly brown color scheme, the townhouse offers the following unbelievable amenities: 1) a portico, loggia, and a private garden with fountain as well as the shared one; 2) a hall of mirrors; 3) a ballroom; 4) a rooftop exercise pool; 5) a built-in garage; 6) an artist’s studio; and 7) an elevator.

I won’t pretend to know what a portico or loggia are, but maybe they’re the names of the gentle ghosts inhabiting the bedrooms?

Check out all the photos on Curbed, and let us know in the comments: what do you think of Mary-Kate and Olivier’s love nest?