Watch Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon Giggle Their Way Through a Game of ‘Word Sneak’

Chris' SNL Promos
Chris Pratt's 'Saturday Night Promos' are exactly what you'd expect them to be.
First, let’s all appreciate how great Chris Pratt looks in a three-piece suit.

Second, the Guardians of the Galaxy hunk stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday for a little chat and game.

As expected, there was a lot of giggling from both gentlemen.

The game on hand was Word Sneak, where the goal is to incorporate random words into everyday conversation. Ricky Gervais and Bryan Cranston have mastered the task in previous shows.

Pratt, 35, also explained the origins of his first headshot, which he traced back to a penthouse suite in West Hollywood circa 2000.

The actor will kick off the 40th season of Saturday Night Live tomorrow, with musical guest Ariana Grande.

Watch him play Word Sneak with Jimmy Fallon, above.