Watch: Handsome Devil Benedict Cumberbatch Can’t Pronounce ‘Penguins’

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Benedict Cumberbatch will get to wear his detective hat for another season.
Some five years ago, long before Cumberbitches formed and just before the new Sherlock aired, Benedict Cumberbatch served as a narrator for a BBC nature documentary series.

This week, a clip from that series, South Pacific, has resurfaced thanks to an excellent discovery: Mr. Cumberbatch cannot, for the life of his handsome face, pronounce “penguins.”

And it doesn’t just happen once. A supercut on YouTube shows that it happens at least five times during the series.

In other Cumberbatch-Pengwings news, one of the British actor’s new films this year is Penguins of Madagascar (wish I made this up). No word on whether or not his character — a wolf named Classified — actually says the word “penguin” in the animated film.

Watch Cumberbatch try to say “penguins” in the clip, above.

[Lead photo courtesy of FameFlynet]

[h/t Reddit]