Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Fell Victim to a Drunk Driver

J.Lo's latest music video may have landed her a new job.
Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini had a scary weekend, falling victim to a drunk driver in Malibu.

Apparently the two BFF’s, along with Jen’s 2 kids, were driving along the Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday when another driver rear-ended them at a stoplight. What’s worse, the driver of the small truck fled the scene.

TMZ broke the specifics of the story early Sunday, following a status update from J.Lo which itself confirmed the basics of what happened and that everyone in the car was evidently alright.

The TMZ report goes on to state that either Lopez or Remini called 911 and described what happened. That lead to the drivers arrest, after police found him not too far from the scene of the crime and determined that he was under the influence. The man was officially arrested for DUI along with hit and run charges.