Kim Kardashian Almost Got Attacked Again

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Paris Fashion Week hasn’t been the easiest run for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West… But luckily they were able to amp up their security before things got even worse.

Apparently, Kim’s attacker Vitalii Sediuk–the man who almost brought her to the ground before she entered the Balmain fashion show last week–had planned a second attempt on the 33-year-old reality star.

Kim was dining with her hubby at Hotel Costes in Paris when Sediuk showed up.

However, since the pair had increased their security after his first attack, they had their musclemen immediately surround him and keep him under tight supervision until the two had departed.

Parisian officials have said they will not be investigating the assault, so Kimye have had to take measures into their own hands with a larger, more aggressive security force.

In fact, at recent shows people have been complaining that the bodyguards are almost too forceful.

“One fashion editor didn’t move fast enough [at the exit],” a source told Page Six, “and was physically shoved by one of Kimye’s guards.

“They were shoving people out of the way–these are professional people, not fans,” the witness explained angrily.

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