Miley Cyrus Parties Until She Pukes, Then Posts Topless Photo

Miley Smokes Weed
Miley Cyrus lights a big one onstage.
Miley Cyrus decided to party a little too hard the night before her Bangerz show in Rio de Janeiro with several of her dancer friends.

The 21-year-old admits she drank so much that she puked and performed the “most hungover show in all history.”

The singer shared this selfie from backstage of her Rio show with the caption, “Most hung over show of all history COMPLETE! Fucking rad crowd in Rio!”

Earlier in the day, she had shared several photos of her drinking martinis, taking shots of sake and partying with a big group of girls and guys.

And as if those photos didn’t gain enough attention themselves, Miley then decided to share a photo of her in the shower, topless with mascara running down her face, presumably following her hungover performance.

The captioned read, “Me as @skyferreira @cheythom.”

Several outlets have expressed their concern over the singer’s hardcore partying, but Miley continues to deny she’s going down any wrong road.

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