Watch: Rixton Debuts ‘Wait On Me’ Interactive Video

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Scooter Defends Bieber
Scooter Braun lashes out after Justin Bieber is snubbed.
Rixton is fast becoming one of the most popular young bands in the world!

Thanks to their hit song, “Me and My Broken Heart,” the band has won the hearts of fans across the globe. Now, Rixton’s debuting a new interactive video for their “Wait On Me” song. This video asks you questions and allows you to click and respond. Check out the video to see how it works! 

The members of Rixton include Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin, and Lewi Morgan. We know these boys have a bright future ahead because they’re managed by Scooter Braun. Scooter’s also the manager for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, so he definitely knows how to turn artists into superstars!

Rixton’s cool new interactive video is sure to make fans happy! Check it out and see how it works!

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Plus, be sure to pick up Rixton’s Let the Road album on Jan. 6, 2015.

This video was directed by fourclops ::) and Cameron Duddy.

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