Robert Pattinson’s Girlfriend FKA Twigs Takes Down Racist Trolls, Remains Incredibly Dignified

Rob Talks KStew
Robert Pattinson talks life after Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
Looks like there are major drawbacks to dating Robert Pattinson: namely, having to face the barrage of mouth-breathing racist trolls that are some of his fans.

As we reported earlier, British singer FKA Twigs (real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett) coupled up with the former Twilight star earlier this summer.

Unfortunately, as a result of her high-profile relationship, the 26-year-old performer has been subjected to racist messages and disapproving comments on Twitter. Because, for the record, FKA Twigs is half-Jamaican and half-Spanish. But more importantly, because humanity just royally sucks sometimes.

FKA Twigs – who blessed the world with her critically acclaimed album LP1 in August – sent a message to all the racist trolls, in the most restrained manner possible.

To all the haters, may I humbly suggest that you take your vile thoughts elsewhere? We live in a world where movies like Twilight become billion dollar franchises – isn’t that enough injustice for everyone to live with? In the meantime, the rest of us will be swooning to FKA Twig’s album on repeat.