Taylor Swift Sued by Chauffeur Service After Allegedly Backing Out of Deal

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Ed Sheeran calls BFF Taylor Swift an old lady.
Oh no, Taylor Swift is being sued!

TMZ is reporting that a chauffeur service is suing Taylor’s company after they allegedly backed out of a deal. From the lawsuit, it sounds like Taylor’s company hired the service back in June to take Taylor around New York City. The service claims that Taylor’s company made a bunch of demands and then backed out of the deal three weeks later. Read on for more details!

The chauffeur service says that some of the demands made by Taylor’s company included guidelines on when they could talk to Taylor. Plus, they say that Taylor’s director of security told the service to get two additional cars. Then, after the service leased two new cars, Taylor’s camp backed out. Now, as a result, the service is suing Taylor’s company. Yikes!

There’s been no response to the lawsuit from Taylor’s company, so we’ll have to wait and see what they do from here. But, Taylor’s team is there to protect her, so if they backed out of a deal, we bet it was for a good reason.

Taylor doesn’t seem too bothered by the lawsuit though, she spent the day posting pictures of cookies on Instagram. She’ll probably just Shake It Off.

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