Watch: Nicki Minaj Should Have Hired This 11-Year-Old Girl (and Her Dance Moves) for the ‘Anaconda’ Music Video

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Mini 'Chandelier'
Watch a 2-year-old's choreography for Sia's 'Chandelier.'
Just when you were getting ready to bid adieu to summer and the songs of the summer, an 11-year-old dancer has made one of those tracks so much more enjoyable.

Full disclosure: there are no butt shots, butt jokes or butt anything really, in this video you’re about to see.

In the place of butts is 11-year-old dancing princess Taylor Hatala, who has a fierce dance-off with her teacher and choreographer Laurence Kaiwai to Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda.”

If you’re not convinced young Taylor is something else, just ask the 6 million viewers on YouTube.

Watch Taylor dance her heart out, below.

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