Watch: ‘The Simpsons’ Season 26 Premiere Couch Gag Was Absolutely Beautiful

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Homer's Bucket Challenge
Homer Simpson completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, too.
FYI: Homer Simpson in the future looks nothing like Homer Simpson in 2014. For one, he’s missing most of his yellow body.

Thanks to animator Don Hertzfeldt, The Simpsons kicked off Season 26 in the most epic way possible. (No, there wasn’t another marathon on FX).

On Sunday, viewers were treated to a couch gag like no other. Hertzfeldt, who’s received an Academy Award nomination and has been a longtime Sundance favorite, fast-forwarded Homer, Marge and the kids to the year 10, 535.

Maybe it’s the piano music, maybe it’s Hertzfeldt’s take on Marge’s hair (now a cloudy, sad shade of blue). It’s just nice to think about The Simpsonsgoing all the way to its bazillionth episode in a year with five figures..

Love live The Sampsans.