Ariana Grande Is Accused of Being a Diva Again

Diva Rumors
Grande addresses rumors about her recent bad behavior.
Here's what Iggy Azalea really thinks of Ariana Grande.
Another day, another rumor about Ariana Grande being a spoiled brat makes the headlines.

According to New York Daily News, the “Problem” singer made quite the dramatic entrance — and not in the Beyonce-descending-from-the-high-heavens kind of way — when hit up Out Hotel in New York City over the weekend. Grande, who was scheduled to perform at the hotel’s gay nightclub for free the same night following her Saturday Night Live appearance, allegedly kicked everyone out of the lobby before arriving with her massive entourage.

“Before she got there she made security clear out the entire lobby. Even if you were a guest at the hotel you had to clear out,” a source told the publication. “No one could sit in the lobby, but she came in the back. She took up a unisex bathroom with her mother and father and put two bodyguards outside.”

The 21-year-old singer also reportedly asked staff to “get rid” of the paparazzi stationed outside the building before sending a security guard to find her Swarovski crystal-covered mic pack, which “she needed” for her 3:30 a.m. show.

“She had an entourage of 21 people with her, maybe more. I stopped counting,” the insider added. “Her mother was primping her and her brother was with her, too.”

Of course, this incident was only a blip on the proverbial Ariana Grande Diva Radar. In the past, the ex-Nickelodeon starlet had been accused of storming out of a photo shoot and being icy and cold to fans who had won a contest to meet her. Days later, Grande was overheard saying that her fans can go “fucking die” after being stopped to sign autographs. Even E! NewsGiuliana Rancic admitted that the songstress had “a little bit of a diva thing going on” when they worked together.

Grande’s collaborator, Iggy Azalea, previously told Celebuzz that the pint-sized crooner’s “quirky” ways may be rubbing the people the wrong way.

She was very nice to me,” the rapper told us. “She’s a fire cracker and maybe that could be misunderstood perhaps, but I think she has a very, very kind heart.”