Drake: Rihanna and I Could’ve Worked If I Danced Like Chris Brown

Drake & Chris Brown
The former enemies were spotted in the studio together.
Not only do “hips don’t lie,” they apparently help you get a girlfriend too, according to Drake.

During a recent performance concert, the rapper joked that he would still be with ex-girlfriend Rihanna had he had better dance moves — namely, the ones possessed by Chris Brown.

According to BET, Drizzy broke out into dance during his their rap battle with tourmate Lil Wayne at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Woodlands, Texas. Following the impromptu dance-off, the Canadian rapper made a self-deprecating comment that made us cry behind our forced laughter because everyone knows Drake and Rihanna belong together got the whole crowd wondering whether or not things between the trio are a-okay again.

“I just been listening to too much Breezy lately, I just had to do it,” Wayne said after busting a move.

“Maybe I should’ve brought that shit out earlier,” Drake responded. “Maybe I could’ve made that shit work a little better with Rihanna.”

Come on now, Drake! You’re better than that! (Like, really. You’ve never actually publicly assaulted Rihanna before.)

Drake’s light-hearted joke followed Brown’s comment to Entertainment Tonight about ending his feud with the Canadian star, saying that “it was just more of a mature thing.”

“I just felt like it was necessary for us to put all the old bull behind us … I never really live my life having grudges or disliking somebody,” he said, adding that their fallout was becoming “the focus” of the conversation. “It just looks bad on your character.”

Drake and Brown made headlines in 2012 when they got into bar fight allegedly over the Rihanna, who dated both men in the past. Though Brown at the time blamed Drake for starting the brawl, he made up with Drake later on and even was even spotted at the recording studio with his former nemesis.