Watch: Let a Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Sell You Some GE Light Bulbs

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The Shirtless Bunch
A look back at the best shirtless celebrities of 2014 (so far).
It’s one thing to convince Jeff Goldblum to star in your commercial. It’s another to ask the actor to take his shirt off for said commercial.

GE deserves all the recognition because it managed to succeed on both fronts in a new ad for GE Link — a new line of light bulbs.

The commercial, courtesy of super team Tim and Eric, is presented in infomercial form, along with plenty of flashy costumes and props.

The highlight, of course, is when Goldblum, 61, delivers his message in nothing but a pair of swim trunks. (Skip to 1:25 if you’re running low on time).

BRB going to find out how much a music/hot tub room combo costs.

Watch “Enhance Your Lighting — GE” starring Jeff Goldblum, above.