Watch: Liam Neeson is Accused of Murder in ‘Taken 3’ AKA ‘Tak3n’ Trailer

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'Taken 2' Trailer
Liam Neeson kicks more European butt.
Liam Neeson is back for Taken 3, officially titled Tak3n!

From the film’s first trailer, it looks like Liam’s being accused of murder! Liam returns as ex-CIA agent Brian Mills for the third installment of the Taken franchise. When Brian’s ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) is found dead, he’s blamed for the murder. Check out the trailer to see all of the action go down!

Also back for this next film is Maggie Grace, who plays Brian’s daughter, Kim. After Lenore is killed, Brian’s goes on a mission to keep Kim safe.

After the success of both Taken and Taken 2, we all knew that there would be another movie! From the looks of the trailer, Liam’s going all out on this film.

Watch the trailer above and then let us know what you think! Are you excited for this movie? Are you a fan of the Taken films? Sound off in the comments!

Tak3n hits theaters on Jan. 9, 2015.