Amanda Bynes’ Parents Probably Don’t Know That She Was Kicked Out of Fashion School for Cheating, Weed

As we reported yesterday, Amanda Bynes’ parents Rick and Lynn were not aware of their daughter’s recent DUI arrest until reading about it through the press.

It appears that they also do not know that the 28-year-old actress has been kicked out of fashion school.

TMZ claims that Amanda, who had been attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, was booted last month for bizarre behavior.

A fellow student listed Amanda’s string of misconduct: ditching classes often; showing up to class high on weed and laughing at inappropriate moments; and paying other students to do her homework.

The actress also cheated off of someone else on a test, and “threw a fit” when caught.

This sad update comes on the heels of Rick Bynes’ comments two days ago that he and his wife do not know about their daughter’s current whereabouts. After their conservatorship over Amanda ended on September 10th, the former child star is rumored to have loosened ties with her family.

“Once again, she is 28. She does what she wants,” Rick told reporters.

“She was in Irvine and the thing [temporary conservatorship] ended, and we don’t know.  So you know what we know,” he explained, suggesting that if the actress has in fact been kicked out of school, her parents have yet to hear about it.

Another report by TMZ could explain Rick and Lynn’s seemingly cavalier reaction: according to the website, Amanda’s parents do not believe that their daughter has a mental illness. “They think she’s a bratty kid…who smokes a lot of pot,” one source revealed.

Despite receiving constant advice to do so, Rick and Lynn will not be re-establishing a conservatorship. Insiders believe that this is a mistake, but in the meantime, we can only hope for the best for Amanda Bynes and her parents.