How Does Ariana Grande Feel About Comparisons to Mariah Carey?

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Since Ariana Grande hit the music industry last year with her debut album Yours Truly, the comparisons to Mariah Carey have been non-stop.

Grande showcases incredible vocal talents and reaches pitches we haven’t seen in any other artist since Carey and that’s a huge feat in itself for the 21-year-old singer.

But how does she feel about it?

“Mariah has been a huge influence on me since I was a little girl,” Grande told Us Weekly.  “I’ve even done a cover of one of her songs.  I don’t think there are any negatives being compared to one of the greatest vocalists of all time.”

She gushes, adding, “It’s honestly a great honor.”

However, while it is a huge compliment to be compared to Mariah’s vocal talents, Ariana might want to seek guidance in attitude elsewhere.  The “Problem” crooner is already being pinned as a major diva–something Mariah’s been called her whole career and not in a positive way.

Meanwhile, Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande has also risen to fame as a contestant on Big Brother, during which Ariana showed her continuous support.

“I’m his biggest fan, and I know how much it meant for him to be able to be on one of his favorite shows.  But there’s also definitely times I’ve wanted to jump through the screen and just tell him ‘Do this intead!’ or ‘Backdoor him!'”

But, despite how much fun Frankie had on the show, Ariana’s excited to be reunited with her brother.

“He’s my best friend–I miss him so much and ma so excited to have him back home soon.  I was very proud when he told everybody about his career and what he does and about his family. I admire his strength and fearlessness! I also admire his humor and his inability to take himself or anything seriously. I think it’s a really important trait that too many people lack.”