Bianca Santos Spills Secrets on Her New Show ‘Happyland’

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Bianca Santos is taking over Hollywood. With a ton of projects on the way, Bianca’s about to become a household name.

Our next Celebuzz 2014 Breakout Star is the main character of MTV’s new show, Happyland. The show just premiered last night and we’re already obsessed! We were lucky enough talk to Bianca all about Happyland and she spilled major secrets about her new show! Plus, we also talked to Bianca about her experience on another show, The Fosters. Take a look at the interview below to get all of the details!

Celebuzz: Can you tell us a little bit about Happyland? What can we expect?

Bianca Santos: Happyland is a new half hour scripted comedy from MTV that focuses on a ficticious theme park. The story centers around my character Lucy, who not only works at the theme park but has grown up in that enviornment. Her mom has been the park princess for 15 years, and it’s sort of like her whole life. As the show begins, it’s a cool dynamic of you get to see what it’s like in this behind-the-scenes world of theme parks. Sort of like Adventureland does, except this is like a real nice theme park. At the same time, of course there’s drama that happens. The park actually has a lot of secrets between the people that work there, between things that have happened in the past. It all sort of comes up and bubbles up and sort of turns Lucy’s life upside down right at the beginning of the show. It’s sort of her journey of how she navigates through that as she becomes at odds with almost everyone in her life.

CB: This show has such a great cast. Do you have so much fun shooting this show?

Bianca: I have to tell you, I have the best cast. I love everyone. You know what’s so great? We all get along so well. The show is so fun on its own, I think because it’s sort of like theme park and all that stuff we naturally just have fun. If this show gets picked up for the next 10 season, which you never know 1o seasons, but I’m looking forward to it just based on who I’m working with alone.

CB: When you guys get a break from filming, what do you like to do?

Bianca: I never have breaks from shooting. (laughs) I’m always on. But even if we’re not on set, we’re like bowling together. Literally two weekends ago we’re like, “Hey guys I miss you. Let’s go bowling on Sunday morning.” And we did! All of us got together and we went bowling. We do stuff like that, we do stuff outside of set. When we’re on set, the chemistry between all of us is so great. We like know what our roles are, our roles on TV and our roles when we’re on set just as a cast are so funny, and so like sometimes flopped and reversed.

CB: How was your experience on The Fosters?

Bianca: The Fosters was so great. It was really my breakthrough role. I’m so happy that that was my first role to breakout into TV. It was such a unique and special show. I could talk great things about The Fosters days on end because it really was such a good experience. Everyone I worked with, their hearts are in the right place. All of the actors and executive producers, producers, they really wanted to make a good show and I think that they have, I think that they did.

CB: A lot of fans can really connect to that show and it’s a show they can watch with family and friends.

Bianca: Yeah it pushes the envelope but it has so much heart at the same time. They’re deal with things that are so relevant and so hot right now. But in such a way that you can’t help but want to know more or at least be entertained for the time that you’re watching.

CB: That’s such a great first experience to have.

Bianca: It was the best. Working opposite Teri Polo, there were days on set where even if I wasn’t shooting my scene I would just be sitting and watching just like in awe of the amazing talent that I was working with on that show. You know because that was really my first big thing. I called it “actor bootcamp” because you have one thing in mind and then when you’re on a heavy reoccurring role on a TV show you learn so much more.

CB: You’ve worked with so many great actors so far in your career, but is there one person you dream about working with?

Bianca: I think a lot of people can say this, I think Meryl Streep is such a strong actress. I think she really embodies the type of career I would love to have, just the longevity and the prestige that she holds. It would be amazing to work opposite of her. Amanda Seyfried worked with her on Mamma Mia and she just spent so much time listening to Meryl. Like that’s my dream! I just want to work opposite Meryl, I want us to do the scene and just be like, “Okay so tell me happened at this point in your life!” I just love soaking up knowledge, I just love hearing from people who have been there and done it. Because, you know, I’m new to this and the more and more I do it the more I realize how much there is to learn. Sometimes I’m like, “Oh my gosh don’t put me on camera yet!” I feel like I don’t know enough, like I’m not one of the greats! But, there’s time.

When we asked her about celeb crushes, Bianca told us she might “fangirl” over Ryan Gosling. Us too Bianca, us too!

You can check out Bianca in Happyland every Tuesday at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Plus, make sure to catch Bianca’s movie Ouija, in theaters on Oct. 24!