This Is What Farrah Abraham’s Actual Singing Sounds Like

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Desperate for the world to stop talking about with her sex tape but not desperate enough for us to stop talking about her completelyFarrah Abraham tried to kick start a music career earlier this year by releasing the cringe-worthy single, “Blowin.” Months since the dance track’s debut, the Teen Momturned-porn star finally regaled us all with a live performance of the heavily auto-tuned song while recently appearing at a nightclub in Pomona, Calif.

How did she do? Well, see for yourself.

Though lip-syncing is something to be expected at any concerts these days, Abraham, shot herself in her own foot and made the grievous error by sharing an Instagram video of her actually singing the song a day prior to her stage debut. Needless to say, the 21-year-old sabotaged her own chances of Beyonce-level stardom because, well, her true vocals sounded like a tone deaf sorority girl trying to trying to belt “Pour Some Sugar On Me” at a karaoke bar after a few too many shots.

Here’s her actual singing without any help from a computer:

Regardless, Abraham can still sleep soundly at night knowing that this won’t affect her day job. After all, at least the strip club is still willing to pay her half a million dollars to take her clothes off