‘The Flash’ Star Robbie Amell Takes Celebuzz’s Pop Career Quiz

Robbie Amell, one of Celebuzz’s 10 Breakout Stars of Fall 2014, is a cast member of one of the most buzzed about shows of the fall TV season, The Flash. The newly engaged Amell plays Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm, and look for the show to debut on The CW on Tuesday, October 7 at 8/7c!

If you missed out interview with Robbie in which he talks about his engagement, The Flash and The Avengers, make sure to check that out here. Robbie took the time to tackle the Celebuzz Career Quiz to give us a better idea of how Robbie got to where he was today.

Check out the questions, and his answers, below.

1. Tell us about your first acting job.
My first acting job (besides commercials when I was a child) was actually my first movie audition ever. It was for Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and booking that job changed my life forever.

2. What was your first non-acting job?
I had a few, I think the first one was working as a caddy/club cleaner at the golf course near me in Toronto.

3. Who are you inspired by (doesn’t have to be an actor)?
I’m inspired by a lot of people. My family and friends never cease to inspire me. As far as celebrities go, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has, maybe, the best work ethic in Hollywood. I’m a big fan of his.

4. Whose career do you most admire and why?
I would love to have a career similar to Channing Tatum. He’s done a great job as a leading man but also has great comedy chops. I want to continue acting in comedies as much as possible.

5. Tell us about your worst audition?
It was my 8th audition of the week (pilot season) and I just didn’t have time to prepare. It didn’t help that I was also 10 years too young for the role. I knew the casting director and producer from having worked with them. So after messing up a bunch of times I just said, “You guys are amazing. I love you. You have a great script and this show is going to be awesome. I’m not the guy but thank you for bringing me in.” We laughed and it was all good, but I hate nothing more than not being prepared.

6. What’s one thing you do on set that no one knows about?
I eat like a fat guy. Nothing better than a bunch of food readily available all the time.

7. What’s one secret about one of your co-stars that no one knows?
I recently worked with Ken Jeong on The Duff. Anyone who has met him knows this: he is the sweetest man around. He is so kind and funny and always smiling. I can’t say enough great things about him.

8. What have you bought or what do plan on buying with your first major paycheck?
I bought a red mustang convertible after shooting Cheaper By The Dozen 2. It was beautiful.

9. Who is the nicest person that you’ve ever worked with?
I’ve actually been very lucky and have only worked with amazing people. No divas. Besides people who have become good friends, two actors stand out as really great people: Ken Jeong and Jason Segal. I had a small part on “How I Met Your Mother” and Jason was an absolute blast to work with. He made me feel like family right away.

10. Do you remember your first onscreen line?
Of course! It was to Steve Martin in Cheaper 2 and it got cut (LOL)! I said, “I’ll take him, Mr. Baker,” talking about a dog he was holding.

11. What is the one role you wish that you could play?
Bruce Wayne.