Watch: Harry Styles Helps Fan Propose to Girlfriend at One Direction Concert

Bieber or 1D?
Are these Justin Bieber or One Direction lyrics?
Harry Styles is awesome. Want proof? Check out this video.

One Direction, currently on their Where We Are Tour, had a concert in Atlanta last night, Oct. 1. One fan attending the show really wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so he took to social media to make it happen. Bradley Chisenhall sent out a tweet on Sept. 30, asking the boys of One Direction to help him propose to his girlfriend, Christine Kozlowski. It turns out, Harry saw the tweet and wanted to help Bradley! So, he took the time to stop the concert and let Bradley ask his girlfriend that very important question! Did she say yes? Watch the video to find out!

To get the band’s attention, Bradley first had fans attempt to get #1DProposal trending on Monday.

Then Bradley sent out a tweet to the band.

It looks like Bradley got the band’s attention! Harry helped the fan propose, and she said YES! Check out her ring!


After the proposal, they got to pose for a few pictures with him!



Harry Styles, we love you.

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