Watch: Matthew McConaughey’s Speech to Texas Longhorns Included the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Chant

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Matthew McConaughey chooses between his family and the human race.
There is nothing we love more than Matthew McConaughey giving speeches.

The Texas Longhorns were on the receiving end of that speech this week, when the Oscar-winning actor visited the team with a speech big enough to put Coach Taylor in his place.

Among the highlights:

  • Matthew McConaughey saying y’all is like the best thing ever
  • He still doesn’t think he’s good enough as an actor
  • He’s really proud of Mud
  • He can’t pronounce “DiCaprio,” as in his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Little Levi couldn’t care less about his dad’s inspiring speech

Naturally, McConaughey and the team broke out in a Wolf chant. NGL — I got chills.

Watch it all go down, above.

[h/t Deadspin]