Whatever Could Be Going Through Lady Gaga’s Dog’s Mind?

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What is the first thing you notice in this photo of Lady Gaga? Is it her funny wig? Her pearl nose ring? Or is it Asia the Dog’s absolutely terrified (and hilarious) expression? It’s the last one, isn’t it? Calm down, Asia. All will be OK after you check out today’s winning captions:

“I’m here for the a-paws!” – Ashley

“Dear lord, get me away from this lady with the giant nose teeth!” – Angela

“Paws up baby!” – Rar

“We’re so fab, it’s beyond” – Alex

“This dog smells like shit that’s why I put these cotton balls up my damn nose….” – Joseljoseph

“Oh no Cruella de ville, got me!!!” – Daniel

“Next time I get to wear the pearls and you wear the collar.” – Terry

“We are fabulous.” – Coburrn

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