Friday Flashback: Amanda Bynes Throughout the Years

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Needless to say, Amanda Bynes has had quite the roller coaster of a life throughout her time in Hollywood.

Making her television debut in 1999 at the tender age of 13-years-old, Bynes practically grew up in the limelight and became every 90s kid’s favorite Nickelodeon child star.

But after realizing her glory days were fading quicker and quicker, things started going downhill for the actress…

In 2012, Bynes began amassing crime after crime, obtaining a DUI and several hit and run charges.  In 2013 she was arrested for possession of marijuana and throwing a glass bong out her New York apartment window.  Finally, in July of 2013, the troubled star was hospitalized under a mental health evaluation hold after starting a fire on a stranger’s driveway.

The actress’ parents gained temporary conservatorship of their daughter and her finances and began helping her into recovery throughout most of 2014.  She even went back to school!

Unfortunately, Bynes moved out of her parents home earlier this year and once their conservatorship ended in Sept., it appears she went back to her old ways.  The actress relapsed and was arrested for a DUI Sunday morning.  Her parents say they have yet to hear from her regarding the situation.

Launch the gallery above to take a walk down memory lane and see Amanda’s full evolution throughout the years.