Jamie Dornan and Bill Murray are the Most Majestic Golf Players We’ve Ever Seen

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Forget everything you thought you knew about golf (which if you’re like me, is nothing): thanks to Jamie Dornan and Bill Murray, the sport has reached unprecedented levels of mass appeal.

The unlikely duo teed off in Scotland for the 2014 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, and the results are amazing.

Bill Murray, coolest 64-year-old in existence and frequent Wes Anderson collaborator, made a range of hilarious expressions on the green. Jamie Dornan was decidedly steelier but still flashed a few swoon-worthy smiles. The 50 Shades of Grey leading man even tweeted a photo of himself yesterday.

So, who has the better swing? Judging from these photos, it’s likely Jamie Dornan. But as to who possesses more magnetic appeal? It’s anyone’s game.

Click on the gallery above for all the glorious pictures, and let us know in the comments below: who do you think is the better golfer?